From June 26 until August 1 The Mall Firenze will be celebrating beauty through one of its most sublime forms: Art. A multisensory experience which, through a path created by artistic installations and live performances, will involve the guest in the discovery of the different expressive forms of beauty: from nature to art – historical and contemporary – passing through fashion and entertainment.

The first stop on this incredible journey will be at the entrance: thanks to Point of view, The Mall Firenze will be united with The Mall Sanremo like never before. A panoramic telescope located inside an elegant cabin will cross the wonderful Ligurian views that frame The Mall Sanremo.

The path then continues with Breathing the Surrounding: an immersive installation where you can be gently enveloped by the territory. You can breathe the DNA of Tuscany through arboreal fragrances and the reproduction of the typical microclimate of Chianti.

The third installation pays homage to the territory through one of its iconic symbols. The Castello di Sammezzano, an extraordinary wonderful place in the heart of FAI, is narrated here through a structure of glass and mirrors that will reflect the colors and geometries characteristic of the castle’s interiors, enchanting the visitor at every glance.

Lastly, The Mall on stage: avant-garde spaces where live performances of music, poetry, painting and much more will take place. A calendar of events to satisfy every preference and conclude this multisensory journey by touching the heart of those who become part of it.

Hours 16.30 -18.30

With Art between us The Mall Firenze honors beauty and territory. Art, in all its forms and magnificence, will allow everyone to enjoy a unique experience and embark on an unforgettable journey through fashion, beauty and elegance.