“Un’estate al mare
voglia di remare
fare il bagno al largo
per vedere da lontano
gli ombrelloni-oni-oni…”
(Giuni Russo)

Until September 13,
The Mall Firenze will be transformed
into a picture-postcard location
making it the perfect place to spend some time
during a summer’s day shopping.

Warm colors along with the typical elements
of the Italian summer will brighten up
the spaces of the Luxury Mall.

The unmissable green Tuscan hills
will form the backdrop of the “Lido Firenze”,
the most instagrammable beach of the summer.

The area includes a veranda composed of
wooden cabins, fabrics and deckchairs
characterized by the traditional marine motif
white and red stripes;
also red and white cabins and
lifesavers on the bridge
will lead you to the pool
and finally bring you to a real vintage boat –
the perfect place for a souvenir photo
and to feel, for a moment,
among the waves by the sea.

Share your favorite snaps
on your social media channels using
#themallfirenze #estateitaliana

Lastly, the lounge with umbrellas,
deck chairs and pinwheels
will be the perfect place to relax.

“Lido Firenze”:
the perfect place to spend
carefree time this Italian summer.