The story of fashion in Italy and the roots of at The Mall Firenze outlet centre


Florence and fashion. A success story going back over 60 years

In its idyllic Tuscan countryside setting, just a short distance from Florence, at The Mall Firenze outlet centre contains a selection of international high-end fashion brands, all displayed with at The Mall Firenze’s inimitable style.
Visiting at The Mall Firenze outlet centre is an unforgettable shopping experience in the heart of Italy, not far from any of Tuscany’s major cities. The best international fashion brands await you at at The Mall Firenze outlet centre.
A unique setting, where you can make your fashion wishes come true at fantastic prices.

1951 > 1970



Italy’s first fashion show

Italian fashion was born in the period after the Second World War, and to be exact, in Florence in 1951, thanks to Giovanni Battista Giorgini. For the first time in history, a new concept was being used to present fashion creations.

Since 1951, after the event at Villa Torrigiani, Italian fashion has been a great success, after being presented for the first time to an overseas public of journalists and buyers from major US department stores, allowing it to conquer the international markets with the quality and style that is Made in Italy.




Fashion in the ‘Sala Bianca’ inside Palazzo Pitti

In 1952 Italian fashion was already well known internationally and it was decided to hold a larger-scale event in Palazzo Pitti, Florence.

The Sala Bianca in Palazzo Pitti went on to become the official headquarters of all catwalk shows and of Made in Italy. Many designers presented their collections in Florence during this period: Emilio Pucci, Sorelle Fontana, Simonetta, Carosa (by Princess Giovanna Caracciolo).


The birth of the Florence Centre for Italian fashion

Following the growing success of the fashion-based initiatives and the shows in the Sala Bianca, the Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana was set up to promote and spread fashion, helping to make Florence a fashion capital of international renown.


Historical changes over the decade and new lifestyles began to influence the fashion world and its manufacturing system.

The industry in Italy discovered “ready-to-wear”: the manufacture of clothing in series and in different sizes. A revolution in the fashion industry which, as well as contributing to growth in the fashion industry, also offered opportunities to choose from wide ranges of top-quality, on-trend items.

From ’80 to nowadays



In the early 80s it was all about the triumph of image as a communications strategy, a lifestyle philosophy and a status element. The fashion world began to hear terms such as marketing, brand, and style.

People started talking about total look, full combinations of clothes, accessories and items that could be traced back to a single brand, and contributed to building up a complete image and style.

The result was a new figure, the stylist: a person able to interpret and suggest styles, dictate fashions, set trends and influence luxury goods consumption.


The Mall Firenze luxury outlet centre was born

The Mall Firenze outlet centre was established on 04 August 2001, bringing a great project and a great dream to fruition. The centre pioneered an innovative concept: luxury conceived to offer visitors high fashion products at extremely attractive prices. The Mall Firenze is the first luxury outlet that brings the most famous international high fashion brands together in a single place, proposing a new way to conduct the shopping and fashion experience.



The growth of The Mall Firenze outlet centre

Over the years, The Mall Firenze outlet centre has acquired increasing numbers of important luxury brands, such as Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Saint Laurent Paris, Brioni and many more, all inside the centre with their own outlet stores.

The Mall Firenze has grown a lot over the years, thanks also to the excellent customer care, increased links to Florence and the creation of new spaces and areas for shopping.


The Mall Firenze: the present and the future

The Mall Firenze now offers a full shopping experience in a charming, prestigious setting in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, just a short distance from Florence.

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