There is no sincerer love
than the love of food

(George Bernard Shaw)

Opening hours
9AM to 7PM

We recommend advanced booking for groups of seven or more

ToscaNino: providing a relaxing break
in true Italian gourmet style

ToscaNino with two different restaurants, the Restaurant&Bottega and the Bistrò, is the perfect choice for those who want a true gourmet experience to complement a day of elegant shopping.

Excellent dishes, fine décor and impeccable service cater to guests in an ambiance of Tuscan craftsmanship, experience, and tradition.

ToscaNino Bistrò

The Bistrò: nestled in the beauty of nature
A fresh and contemporary environment, with a pleasant terrace overlooking the fountain, the Bistrò is the perfect place to enjoy a break during a day of shopping.
There is something for every taste in the variety of dishes listed in the menu. Tuscan culinary tradition and more!

We recommend advanced booking for groups of seven or more.

The Restaurant&Bottega

The Restaurant&Bottega: a stylish farmhouse
Furnished with highly crafted pieces and featuring a wonderful winter garden, the restaurant will pamper you with the beauty of the surrounding Tuscan landscape. Sip a glass of excellent wine and relax, enjoying the authentic flavors of Tuscan cuisine.

More than a restaurant: at La Bottega you can purchase local products, fine wines, and objects to enhance your table settings and kitchen at home. Choose from our curated gift selection featuring the work of Tuscany’s most distinguished artisans.
A chance to take a little piece of Tuscany home with you.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, from 12PM to 5PM

L’Accademia: the art of cooking

Dedicated to foodies who love epicurean cooking.
L’Accademia offers a full program of themed cooking courses, where participants can advance their culinary skills, learn to use traditional fresh regional products, and experiment with new flavors.

And for those with a passion for oenology, we also offer wine tastings featuring the very best local varietals. An all-round culinary experience!