Florentine craftsmanship
protagonist at The Mall Firenze.

A true workshop on display aiming to showcase the hard work and exquisite skills
behind fine Italian craftsmanship.

From September 9 until October 27, The Mall Firenze will host Italian Maestro a series of live shows starring some of the top Florentine master craftsmen and women.

From glasses made of horn or wood, bent by hand, to woven straw hats, one of the best-loved traditions in Florence; not to mention the Medicean art of the commesso fiorentino (workshop of semi-precious stones) and the almost forgotten art of working scagliola (a kind of plaster); but also paper, with the extremely colourful marbling technique and goldsmithery, using not only gold but also silver and precious stones; tailoring, producing scents and cosmetics, and the ‘scorching’ working of metals. A concentrate of savoir-faire sure to charm all the visitors, but especially those increasingly seeking for ‘tailor-made’ products, an excellence of the Florentine tradition.

With this event, The Mall Firenze adds a special initiative to its already vast cultural offering, enabling its guests to experience beauty in all its many forms. A complex with its roots planted deeply in the territory to which it belongs, empowered by a DNA that does not forget its origins: fine craftsmanship.

With a selection of Florentine masters of art, Italian Maestro will provide an opportunity to showcase the beauty and prestige of traditional Italian “hand-made” day by day thanks to the masterpieces created, bringing a piece of history that is the pride and joy of the Tuscan region to The Mall Firenze.


9-11 September
Accessories: Woo Class – Tailoring: Stile Biologico
12-14 September
Accessories: Woo Class – Home Decor / lighting: Giovanni Erbabianca – Home Decor / pottery: Studio Ceramico Giusti
15 September
Home Decor / lighting: Giovanni Erbabianca – Jewellery: Cristiano Pierazzuoli
16-18 September
Perfumery: Sileno Cheloni – Jewellery: Cristiano Pierazzuoli
19-21 September
Home Decor / metalwork: Duccio Banchi – Accessories: Antica Occhialeria
22-25 September
Home Decor / Mosaic: Pitti Mosaici – Home Decor / paper: Il Papiro
26-28 September
Tailoring: Anna Fucà Atelier – Home Decor /  scagliola: Bianco Bianchi
29-30 September
Tailoring: Begiuls – Home Decor / marble: Officina Del Marmo
1-7 October
Leather: My Vintage Academy – Tailoring: Liverano & Liverano
8-9 October
Accessories: Grevi – Jewellery: Foglia Firenze 1935
10 October
Jewellery: Alessandro Barellini – Jewellery: Foglia Firenze 1935
11-12 October
Jewellery: Alessandro Barellini – Jewellery: Naa Studio
13-16 October
Home Decor / wood: Bottega D’arte Maselli – Home Decor / mosaic: Scarpelli Mosaici
17-19 October
Home Decor / pottery: Associazione Culturale Ceramiche A Montughi – Accessories: Filistrucchi
20-23 October
Home Decor/paper: L’ippogrifo Stampe D’arte – Home Decor/fabrics: Antico Setificio Fiorentino
24-27 October
Home Decor / lighting: Il Bronzetto – Jewellery: Ivan Barreca

This initiative is created and promoted together with OMA – Osservatorio dei Mestieri d’Arte (Observatory of the Artistic Trades) – one of the most important Italian institutions that works to protect and promote fine craftsmanship – and Gruppo Editoriale.