Tuscany is a magic landscape
where the surroundings
are gentle, ancient and new
at the same time

(Curzio Malaparte)

Cities teeming with art, rolling hillsides, vineyards, medieval villages, island gems, spa towns: Tuscany and its unique landscape abound with a unique artistic, cultural and gastronomic heritage that is truly one of a kind.

The Renaissance bequeathed its treasures of exceptional art, history, and architecture to this region, making Tuscany one of the most important cultural destinations for tourists in the world.

A short trip beyond Florence reveals the region’s true identity as a true mecca of culture, art,, cuisine and lifestyle with wonderful places to visit. Exclusive golf courses make it a golfers’ paradise where unspoiled hills and surrounding woodlands offer the perfect location to experience exciting challenges for the perfect swing.

And for those seeking for the gentle breezes of the Mediterranean Sea, the Tuscan coastline with its islands offers the most beautiful and pristine beaches in Italy

A selection of the major events and occasions that await you in Tuscany.

There’s no time to get bored in Tuscany. Fashion, contemporary art, lifestyle, good food, and excellent wines. But there is also theatre, performances, music and nature. Events, museums and festivals await you all year round in a rich calendar of events that are all about fun, beauty and culture. The Mall Firenze outlet centre brings you a selection of the best events to follow and places to visit, so that you can get the most out of Tuscany after a fantastic shopping experience in our luxury outlet.