Until November 8,
The Mall Firenze celebrates fall
with an exciting set-up,
curated by the Event Designer Vincenzo Dascanio,
featuring the color purple of bunches of grapes
and the bright green of olive leaves.

The route starts from the entrance staircase which,
dotted with wheelbarrows
loaded with autumn leaves
and wooden barrels full of corks,
leads to a charming Ape Car adorned
with baskets laden with grapes,
olive branches and surrounded by small demijohns
where every day you can taste wine
and oil from local producers.

The bridge, a little further on,
transformed into a row of grape vines,
leads instead to a beautiful
wooden veranda near the lake.
Each weekend there will be live shows
by the famous Florentine artist Betty Soldi who,
together with her school,
will be personalizing wine glasses,
oil bottles and prints:

a tribute linked to the pride of Tuscany.

Lastly, at the end of an exciting day
where nature intertwines with
a shopping experience and unique beauty,
the set-up of bunches of grapes and wooden barrels
makes the perfect location
for a #tuscanharvest themed photo.
Share your favorite snaps
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@themalloutlets #themallfirenze #tuscanharvest

With this set-up, The Mall Firenze
once again affirms its connection with the territory
giving the opportunity to all visitors to enjoy
an experience of beauty in all its forms.

Here are the events not to be missed:

3 – 4 October A good wine deserves to be enjoyed in a glass which is just as unique.
Over the weekend, Betty Soldi will be personalizing wine glasses that you can request as a reminder of your day out.
10 – 11 October To write names, phrases, thoughts, you need a special ink
Over the weekend you will be given some prints that you can personalize on the spot with… wine.
24 – 25 October Not all treasures are gold or silver; in the Reggello area the most precious and renowned treasure is green gold, oil.
During these days you will be able to witness the personalization of small bottles of green oil; a tasty gift enabling you to take home the flavor of Tuscany.
31 October – 1 November “Color the harvest of life”
With this activity we’re inviting our smallest guests to color t-shirts with pictures related to the harvest theme.

On October 10 and 11 and November 7 and 8,
taking place at the lakeside veranda,
wine glasses and bottles of oil will be honored,
both personalized with decorations and calligraphic writing.