Aquazzura - 空に浮かぶ青空



フィレンツェでの出来事やファッションの歴史、そして、そしてThe Mall Firenzeアウトレットストアのルーツを発見するために、一緒に過去にさかのぼってみませんか.詳しく読む!

Brioni – 完璧な男らしさ


Ermanno Scervino – 流れるような女性らしい夏

ピーチ、オパール、ヌード、そしてクリーム。これは、Ermanno Scervinoのコレクションに並ぶ繊細で柔らかなカラーです。

ALBERTA FERRETTI- Essential Sensuality

Alberta Ferrettiのサマーコレクションの流れるようなロマンチックな肌触りのドレスが持つシンプルラインと華やかなボリューム、そして女性らしさ溢れる色合いがフェミニンと軽やかさを贈ります。


As much as we like playing with bold summery colors, it’s near-impossible to avoid the urge

to throw on basic black pieces—even during the hottest months! Don’t miss the elegant and stylish proposals available at the Brioni outlet store.


It doesn’t matter what your goals are, for the summer you still need the perfect accessory for an adventure, a wild party or a day trip to the city.

Roberto Cavalli’s feline and rock chic touch is now a must-have for every new season.


Summer may be prime time for breaking out the brights, but if you’re not really a colour-loving girl, that’s OK too!

A classic black and white Alberta Ferretti combo will go perfectly with the season’s summer style!

Aquazzura - Always Bloom

It’s not summer without open-toe sandals. Better still if they have high heels and come in surprising colours.

The sinuous sandals by Aquazzura have timeless style that is perfect for summer parties.

Ermanno Scervino - Pants or not?

Ermanno Scervino knows how to best describe the complexity of the female world, and that is why he has chosen to combine two must-haves and create a pink suit. Yet the overall effect is anything but sugar-coated: it is the embodiment of an elegant, romantic woman, in typical Ermanno Scervino style.