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Spring is reawakening with The Mall Firenze and Vincenzo Dascanio
March 27 to June 4

The Mall Firenze and Vincenzo Dascanio, the famous and internationally-renowned event designer, are embarking on a lasting partnership and celebrating the arrival of spring with Awakening, the exclusive installation dedicated to the reawakening of nature and the body, open until June 4.

With flowers, colors and personalized activities, embark on an introspective and ethereal journey to discover rebirth in all its forms: physical, mental and personal; in which the visitor becomes the protagonist of unique three-dimensional installations. These installations include the innovative Sleeper Lift, Sounds Like Spring and The Pace Of Nature: three sensory structures with screens, mirrors and green decorations, to reproduce images and sounds inspired by the metamorphosis of nature, from thawing to blooming.

In the season symbolic of energy and vitality, much space is also devoted to self-care with Workout Of The Day, the engaging fitness area where visitors can symbolically tend to their own mental and physical well-being. For a restorative break from shopping and the hustle and bustle of daily life, you might prefer to step inside the Energy Box and allow yourself to be transported by your passions into a hanging garden of colorful plants.

Save the date and fully immerse yourself in the shades of spring.

The special workshops of The Mall Firenze

08/04/23 3PM-6PM
Easter-themed wreaths
Create your Easter-themed wreaths with colorful flowers, eggs and dried fruits.

15/04/23 – 16/04/23 3PM-6PM
Image consultation
Enjoy a private session of image consultation.

22/04/23 – 23/04/23 3PM-6PM
Live painting on merchandise
An artist will personalize the canvas pochettes with floral designs and the initials of the guest.

29/04/23 – 30/04/23 3PM-6PM
Decor the perfect table
A professionist of the home decor will guide you throughout the creation of the mise en place for the perfect table.

07/05/23 3PM-6PM
Create your pin
Create your pin with fresh flowers and other creative materials.

13/05/23 3PM-6PM
Image consultation
Enjoy a private session of image consultation.

14/05/23 3PM-6PM
Image consultation and make-up session
Enjoy a private color analysis session as well as have the opportunity to have your make-up done by a make-up artist.

20/05/23 – 21/05/23 3PM-6PM
Creative wrapping
Realize creative packages and cards using flowers, dried fruit and fabrics.

27/05/23 – 28/05/23 3PM-6PM
Create your centrepiece
Write your sentence on the paper runner, and then embellish it with flowers.

Save the date and fully immerse yourself in the shades of spring, reserve your favorite workshops by sending an e-mail to firenze@themall.it