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A pop of spring at The Mall Firenze

March 22 – May 19

The Mall Firenze and event designer Vincenzo Dascanio are celebrating the arrival of spring with Popping Nature: the special event that’s set to transform the mall into an extravagantly abundant flower garden.

Thus begins a vibrant, dreamlike journey featuring swaying flowers (Dancing Flowers), seating surrounded by colorful grass (Human in Nature), playful totems (Play With Flowers) and captivating installations.

Don’t miss Color Harmony: a giant bouquet that also serves as a beauty station where you can discover your own color season surrounded by petals, mirrors and color analysis palettes. Spring Landscape is a chill-out area where visitors can take a break and step into a brand new world, complete with whimsical creatures and pop details.

If you like the sound of a stroll through flower-filled fields, be sure to check out Tulip Fields, a row of all-pink tulips that brings the Promenade to life.

Popping Nature is the perfect opportunity to celebrate spring’s arrival with shopping, nature and a full calendar of themed activities. We look forward to seeing you there!

To participate in the free activities, just send an email to firenze@themall.it (subject to availability).