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The Mall Firenze launches THE BLING XMAS HOTEL
November 15 – January 7

The Mall Firenze is celebrating the most highly anticipated time of year with THE BLING XMAS HOTEL: a unique Christmas event, created in partnership with the famous event designer Vincenzo Dascanio.

The result is a magical hotel that invites visitors to immerse themselves in a world of incredible installations and decorations. Walking by festively decorated spruce trees and luggage trolleys, visitors will arrive at The Enchanted Ballroom, a sumptuous ballroom where graceful dancers can be seen beneath cascades of crystals and The Charming Concierge, an authentic lobby area where visitors can relax, exchange good wishes and play bingo in richly decorated surroundings.

An immersive space, under a starry sky. During the festivities, visitors will be able to obtain key rings personalized with the 12 zodiac signs and a horoscope for the coming year.

Between the stores, you’ll find The Magic Corridor: a colorful row of doors and windows left ajar for visitors to peek inside.

Don’t miss the captivating THE BLING XMAS HOTEL where you’ll be blown away by the magic of Christmas, complemented by a full calendar of themed activities.

During all the weekends of November and December and the whole week before Xmas customize your hot chocolate for a sweet break from shopping.