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The Mall Firenze celebrates the love for dads
The Mall Firenze will celebrate dads from all over the world with a special initiative inspired by an ancient custom of the past.

The veranda at the exclusive Luxury Outlet Mall will be transformed into a workshop with skilled shoemakers where you can take a moment from your day to make your shoes shine.

The Italian laboratory, pelletterie Isachri, partner of the event, will provide a personalized
treatment to all guests
, by using only first class materials and tools. A strong reminder of Italian history and tradition: an experience in the world of male elegance.

Finally, guests will receive a themed gift to leave a memory of the day passed and to allow anyone to reserve a moment of relaxation even in their daily lives. With this event, The Mall Firenze reinforces its link with the surrounding territory and traditions turning an Italian custom into a unique customer experience.


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