The exclusive collection for travelling, dreaming and creating memories.
The Mall Luxury Outlets Collection is an exclusive line whose aim, involving the five senses, is to speak of beauty and of the welcoming land.

The result is a multisensory journey embracing fashion, inclusion, and creativity, desired and designed down to the smallest detail so as to offer carefully chosen products together with unique life experiences, enabling you to relive those pleasant sensations experienced at The Mall Firenze.

As part of the collection, the senses of touch and sight are stimulated by the modern lines of the Dreamy Bag: these special straw bags with their logo and bright contrasting handles in a choice of five different colours combine craftsmanship with an urban vibe. A cult accessory to show off either on the beach or in town.

The sense of smell is also amply provided for with Amoenus, the heady air fragrance, combining cool notes that recall the crystalline waters of the Ligurian Sea with more woody notes, typical of the workshops of Florentine craftsmen.

The Mall Luxury Outlets Collection is available at the Welcome Lounge in The Mall Firenze.